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Fiorentino Power Block
appearing in the January 2003 issue
of The Fishermen's News

Gerrard Fiorentino, of Fiorentino Marine Sales in San Pedro, California, has developed a new 32-35" and 56" power block for purse seine fisherman. As a life-long commercial fisherman, Fiorentino has helped fishermen fish more efficiently through the development of new designs and the modification of already existing designs of purse blocks, seine winches and anchor winches. He also invented the parachute sea anchor after his release from the Navy in 1946.

As a designer of the world's first 56" power block, in 1967, Fiorentino has since modified and improved his design to utilize piston motors and his Hydro Press Wheel Technology. The 56" Fiorentino Power Block uses the "Fiorentino 1977 Design" style, and has been in active use for over a couple years.

One of the design features is that it provides a large opening for easy passage of the seine net, even when bunched. Fiorentino says he can accommodate for fisherman's needs, be it designs with either rubber or cleats, but says that he personally prefers rubber. Also available is a 32"-35" Fiorentino Power Block, based upon the 56" "1977 design. "The smaller power block is equipped with Hydro Press Wheel technology and incorporates a large net opening. According to Fiorentino, his 32"- 35" design can handle more net capacity than most conventional 38" power blocks available. Currently, his new "1977 Design" 32"-35" Power Block is being fished on the F/V Ferrieno Boy.

Fiorentino offers a wide range of power blocks for all size fishing vessels including coastal seiners and 2000 ton super seiners:  For More Infomation 


32" -35" Fiorentino's  
Power Block features
his new Wide Shell
with Hydro
Press Wheel tech-
nology. Provides a
large net opening for
 easy passage of the
seine net, even when

Under Construction
Update scheduled
Oct 2013

Fiorentino's 56" Power
Block provides a large
opening in Fiorentino's
original "1977 design."
with Hydro Press Wheel Technology.